Our Philosophy

At Centro-Clinton Daycare, we believe that each child is a unique individual.  We provide a safe, healthy, stimulating environment to challenge and support each child's own interests, talents and abilities. We are committed to a policy of non-discrimination on the basis of race, creed, colour, origin, political or religious affiliation, sex, sexual orientation, age marital status, family relationship and disability. 

Centro Clinton Daycare follows “How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years (2014)” as the guiding document under the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014. 

We strive to be organized around the foundations of belonging, well-being, engagement and expression in children where the goals and expectations integrate the six guiding principles of ELECT (Early Learning for Every Child Today). 

Some of the other Ministry documents Centro Clinton Daycare refers to and implements in its programming are: How does learning happen? Ontario’s pedagogy for the Early Years (2014),

Think Feel Act: Lessons from Research about Young Children. Centro Clinton Daycare uses a play-based learning approach to create the best environment for children to learn and grow. Play-based learning allows children to learn in a way that is most appropriate for them. Each child may choose to pursue activities of their own interest, giving them the opportunity to be creative and innovative as they learn. 


Centro Clinton Daycare strives to implement flexibility in our programming so that each child can realize their full potential by indulging their capabilities and curiosities. They can try new things and explore new ideas, all while learning and developing at their own pace. 

Independence and self-reliance: 

Our physical set-up meets a child's need to become independent and self-reliant by allowing free choice of play materials, and with the exception of routines, free use of these materials within limits. 

Cubbies, tables, toy shelves, toilets, etc. are all at the child's level. The children are encouraged to be self-reliant in routines such as dressing, toileting, washing, eating, and tidying up their play materials. An adult is available for assistance when needed, but the child is made to feel responsible for the job they do.  

The initiative, imagination, and courage to face the situation: 

The creative part of the program is planned to meet a child's need to develop initiative, imagination and the courage to face situations. The child is given no set patterns to follow when working with paint, paper, playdough, markers, or any creative media; the children may use these materials the way they wish. 

Dramatic toys (doll centre, blocks, puppets, etc.) stimulate the child's imagination. Using these toys the child enjoys role-playing, building houses, roads, etc. No one tells him/her what must be constructed. We provide an environment that allows children to explore their surroundings and fosters curiosity. In addition to an environment conducive to play-based learning, Centro Clinton Daycare  provides a safe, caring and healthy environment for our children. We strive to ensure that children feel like they belong, making friends and interacting with their teachers. 

We understand that each child’s development differs and that factors such as family, community and life experiences influence it. In each case, we aim to integrate all areas of the child’s development into our program in an all-inclusive way. 

Our goals for children, consistent with the Ministry of Education pedagogy, include the following: 

  • Every child has a sense of belonging when he or she is connected to others and contributes to their world. 

  • Every child is developing a sense of self, health, and well-being

  • Every child is an active and engaged learner who explores the world with body, mind, and senses. 

  • Every child is a capable communicator who expresses himself or herself in many ways. 

To foster learning and support children’s interests, Centro Clinton Daycare offers a variety of daily activities such as language and physical literacy , numeracy, music, outdoor play, science, nature, technology, rest time, blocks (fine motor and gross motor) and creative arts. 

Our programs are intended to: 

  • encourage children to interact and communicate in a positive way and support their ability to self-regulate 

  • foster the children’s exploration, play and inquiry 

  • provide child-initiated and adult-supported experiences 

  • offer opportunities to create relationships with others in the program 


Early years sets the foundation for children’s health and well-being. 

A sense of closeness and belonging: 

The staff are educators who are consistent and gentle. Each child is given individual attention during the day and special attention should he/she need it. Each group is comprised of children his/her own age plus those a little younger or a little older but developmentally at the same stage. The child feels comfortable and valued. 

Health and safety: 

Health and safety of adults and children is extremely important to us. As a licensed child care operator, Centro Clinton Daycare meets and exceeds all health and safety requirements of the Ministry of Education and local government bylaws. Information is posted outside our Room 111 on our “Parent Communication Board” and others are provided in the Parent Handbook. You can also speak to our program staff at any time to view our complete health and safety policies and protocols


Centro Clinton Daycare  follows Canada’s Food Guide to develop menus. The menus are reviewed by a registered dietician once per year. Menus can be viewed on the parent communication board in the classrooms and are sent via-email to all the families. We accommodate special diets or religious food requirements for children in our program. 


Centro Clinton Daycare works with families and children as a team. We foster collaborative and co-operative relationship between children and the adults. We believe that relationship of trust is the basis of a good foundation for this team to work towards the children meeting their maximum potential. We promote a sense of belonging for children and their families in our programs by creating positive communications and partnership with families. Staffs empower the children to resolve conflicts, learn responsibility along with social skills. 

Centro Clinton Daycare is committed to working collaboratively with all of our community partners to meet the best interest of the children and their families. 


Centro Clinton Daycare inclusive programming leads to children’s sense of belonging. Progressive learning environments and practices, focused on play-based learning, encourage children’s self-expression, communication, self-regulation and their ability to deal with stress. As they learn how to remain and return to a state of calm in stressful situations, they are best able to control their emotions, pay attention, ignore distractions and understand the consequences of their actions. 

Trust in the world and people: 

Our staff meet the child's need to develop trust in the world and people by providing staff who are cheerful and happy to see them each day, and are consistent in their classroom conduct. The rules are always the same. The day is conducted in a familiar pattern. Everything is planned following the child’s lead and interest. 

If this is the child's first experience away from home he/she will find it to be one of quiet consistency. Staff do not expect too much of a child, but are there to lend support necessary to the child to accomplish each new task as they are ready. 

In our program, positive adult-child interactions is ongoing. Staff  work closely with the children to extend their learning by encouraging them to build upon their existing awareness. Staff develop programs that supports early learning following the child’s lead and curiosity. 

Our staff:

  • recognize and support the uniqueness in each child,

  • engage with the children as co-learners during their exploration of the environment, 

  • provoke their curiosity and guide positive interactions, 

  • engage in a positive approach to support children's emotions,

  • know when to intervene and stimulate thinking and are committed to building self-awareness, 

  • regularly reflect on practices as they engage in new learning experiences, both individually and with colleagues. 

Self-worth encouraging each child to reach their maximum potential: 

Each child is an individual and treated as such. The group is small enough so that no child is overlooked. The child is not rushed into an activity for which he/she may be unprepared. Routines are conducted by guiding small numbers of children from one activity to another; the child accomplishes each task at his/her own rate. At the end of each day the child leaves with a feeling of satisfaction. 

Growing in language and cognitive skills: 

The program focuses on play-based learning where learning happens when children manipulate, explore and experiment. Purposeful play-based learning enables 

children to investigate, ask questions, solve problems, and engage in critical thinking. 

Play is responsive to each child’s unique learning style and capitalizes on his or her 

instinctive curiosity and vision. Our plans are developed over a period of a week and planned to coincide with the interests of the children. 

Puzzles used for spatial concepts, matching, sorting, serration, and counting games are provided. Science concepts are taught and a science table set up. Books are available. Stories, poems, songs, games and finger plays are used daily for language development. 

Children articulate their ideas and use different languages to express them. 

Centro Clinton Daycare respects, fosters, responds, supports and includes different cultures and languages. In our inclusive learning environments, we welcome children of all abilities. Inclusive learning environment in our programs is implemented by 

  • acknowledging diversity and valuing the culture and first language of all children 

  • environment that is accessible to each child 

  • recognize each child as unique and working with the families around their developmental needs 


Each day, weather permitting, each child enjoys outdoor activities. Learning to run, jump, climb, and take turns is a healthy way to participate in group activities while developing coordination and strength. 


Centro Clinton Daycare encourages and practices open communication with the families. We aim to foster outreach, engagement and communication with families about our program and their children’s learning experiences.  Sharing knowledge is integral to the success of child. Respect, empathy, trust and honesty are core values in all our interactions with families. In addition to the daily interaction with program staff, we offer many opportunities for parent feedback and involvement such as surveys.  We use parent input to improve our programs and services. 

The partnerships with the families supports our program in many ways: 

  • helps meet the child’s needs as families know their children best, and are the first and most powerful influence on learning and development. 

  • building a powerful relationship by understanding family structures, values, language and their culture. 


Centro Clinton Daycare  is committed to involving and engaging local community partners in supporting children, families and staff. 

Centro Clinton Daycare  supports volunteers and students from the community and provides placement, training, learning opportunities and practical work experience, in the areas of programming . Volunteers and students on placement enhance the high-quality care and individual attention given to the children in the programs. 


Centro Clinton Daycare  is committed to hiring, training and fairly compensating staff. Our non-discriminatory hiring practices provide individuals of all backgrounds the opportunity for employment. All staff are respected, supported and treated fairly. 

All full time staff working with children have completed Early Childhood Education and are registered with the College of Early Childhood Educators. All program staff attend mandatory professional meetings and are committed to continuous professional learning. 


Centro Clinton Daycare recognizes that pedagogical documentation is a way for our program staff to learn about how children think and learn. Our staff make daily observations of children in the program and use this information to enlighten their future planning. 

The purpose of our documentation is also:

  • to value children’s experiences and help them to reflect back on those experiences in their learning environment 

  • to learn together with the children involving the meaningful adults in their life 

  • to reflect and monitor appropriate development as the children grow 

  • for program staff to co-plan with children about learning 

  • to keep an open and ongoing dialogue with families about children’s experience 

  • a self-reflection opportunity for program staff, as they participate in continuous professional learning 

  • promoting responsive relationships 


  • Any form of corporal punishment (physical violence such as hitting, spanking, kicking, pushing, pulling, poking, shoving, grabbing, squeezing or picking up children by their arms/hands, pinching ears, or any other aggressive behavior exhibited toward a child) 

  • Physical restraint of the child, such as confining the child to a high chair, car seat, stroller or other device for the purpose of discipline or in lieu of supervision, unless the physical restraint is for the purpose of preventing a child from hurting himself, herself or someone else. This is used a last resort and only until the risk of injury is no longer imminent.

  • Locking the exits of the child care centre for the purpose of confining the child, or confining the child in an area or room without adult supervision, unless such confinement occurs during an emergency and is required for Centro Clinton Daycare’s emergency procedures, including lock down

  • Use of harsh or degrading measures or threats or use of derogatory language directed or used in the presence of the child that would humiliate, shame or frighten the child or undermine his or her self-respect, dignity or self-worth

  • Depriving or denying the child of any basic needs e.g. food, drink, shelter, sleep, toilet use, clothing or bedding

  • Inflicting bodily harm on children including making children eat or drink against their will

  • Time out 

Centro Clinton Daycare Program Statement is reviewed annually by the Board of Director’s to ensure that it is aligned with the Minister’s Policy Statement.